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Afro-Germans (German: Afrodeutsche) or Black Germans (German: schwarze Deutsche) are an ethnic group which exists in certain parts of the Federal Republic of Germany such as Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Cologne and in a variety of smaller settlements across Germany. Afro-Germans are as well indistinguishably defined as German citizens of Black African descent. Cities such as Hamburg and Berlin, centers of occupation forces following World War II and more recent immigration, have substantial Afro-German communities, with a relatively high percentage of ethnically mixed and multiracial families. With modern trade and migration, communities such as Frankfurt, Munich, and Cologne have an increasing number of Afro-Germans. As of 2005, there were approximately 800,000 Afro-Germans in a nation of 80 million persons. This number is difficult to estimate because the German census does not use race as a category, following the genocide committed during World War II under the "German racial ideology". Up to 70,000 (2% of the population) people of Afro-German origin live in Berlin.