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French language in the United States

The French language is spoken as a minority language in the United States. Roughly 2.07 million Americans over the age of five reported speaking the language at home in a federal 2010 estimate, making French the fourth most-spoken language in the nation behind English, Spanish, and Chinese (when Cajun, Haitian Creole and all other forms of French are included, and when Cantonese, Mandarin and other varieties of Chinese are similarly combined). Several varieties of French evolved in what is now the United States: Louisiana French, spoken in Louisiana by descendants of colonists in French Louisiana New England French, spoken in New England by descendants of 19th and 20th-century Canadian migrants Missouri French, spoken in Missouri by descendants of French settlers in the Illinois Country Muskrat French, spoken in Michigan by descendants of habitants, voyageurs and coureurs des bois in the Pays d'en Haut Métis French, spoken in North Dakota by Métis people More recently, French has also been carried to various parts of the nation via immigration from Francophone regions. Today, French is the second-most spoken language in the states of Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.